Prepare Your Home for Sale

Here are some good tips for preparing your home for sale...particularly for those all-important professional listing photographs!

When preparing your home, Real Experience Matters!

Outside: remove all cars from driveway and front curb, remove for sale sign in yard, clean all debris from yard and pool, turn on water pumps for waterfalls, mow and edge, remove weeds, add new mulch, rake yard, sweep and clean patios and porches, trim bushes, remove branches, clean windows, uncover all patio furniture including grill, remove trash cans, roll up hoses, power wash if necessary

Inside: declutter, remove personal items including family pictures, vacuum, ceiling fans off, window shades open, all lights on with same type light bulb for each room, replace all non working light bulbs, clean ceiling fans and bulbs, remove rugs and mats, remove remote controls, remove news papers and magazines, close TV cabinets, remove all dangling cables and cords, remove any seasonal material - Christmas/Halloween, move extra furniture pieces to garage along with extra boxes, etc.

Bedrooms: make beds and clear bed side tables, organize closets, remove wall decals, etc. in children’s rooms, pick up toys and personal items, clear bed side tables, ceiling fans off, window shades open, remove all dangling cables and cords

Kitchen: keep all counter tops clean, remove paper towels and sponges, remove soap and soap dispensers, clean front and top of refrigerator, remove all items on refrigerator - pictures, magnets and photos, remove all small appliances from kitchen counter tops, remove kitchen hand towels, put away dishes, remove high chairs

Bathrooms: clean and clear all sinks, clean showers, clean bathtubs, clean toilets, leave toilet lids down, clean windows and mirrors, remove all personal items from bathroom countertops (toothbrush, make up, soap, shampoo, blow dryer, etc.), remove towels (unless matching) and robes from bathrooms

Pets: keep pets away from areas being photographed, remove animal gates, food and water bowls and bedding, crate pets or contain in garage, or go for a fun walk with them while we photograph.

These suggestions, and a whole lot more, are contained in my 77-Point Ultimate Property Marketing Plan® which I offer to each and every one of my clients.